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Upcoming Ather Rizta electric scooter launches in 2024: Tarun Mehta

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Ather Energy ‘s new electric scooter, Rizta is set to launch soon in india. Tarun Mehta, the co-founder of Ather Energy, revealed this news on the micro blogging site ‘X’ by sharing a post about the upcoming model.

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Ather Energy, a Bengaluru-based, two-wheeler manufacturing company, has garnered a marvelous response from consumers. Observing the significant sales of Ather Energy ‘s scooter, the company has decided to launch another all-new electric model. Now, the Rizta is poised to become the latest addition to the Ather Energy family.

Ather Rizta: Upcoming electric scooter

The company recently introduced its latest model ‘Ather 450’, just a few weeks ago. Now, It it gearing upto to debute another electric scooter.

Tarun Mehta, the co-founder of Ather, disclosed that our team has been working on this electric scooter project since 2019. Project was running slowly but now, we decided to launch it in mid-2024.

The Rizta: Expected Features and Specifications

The Rizta was previously identified during a test in camouflage. It presents a noticeable size difference compared to the more slender and compact 450 series e-scooters. The front-end features a slimmer, horizontal lighting setup, unlike the vertically-stacked headlight found on the 450 models. Equipped with a telescopic fork, 12-inch alloy wheels, and a front disc brake, the scooter also boasts a spacious seat, flat floorboard, protective cover for the final drive, chunky pillion grab rail, integrated footrests, and a horizontal LED tail-light. Expectations include greater underseat storage than the 450’s 22-litre capacity.

The Rizta is anticipated to utilize a mid-drive motor similar to the 450 models. However, it remains uncertain if Ather will make significant changes to the frame. The 450 series currently employs aluminum, which may be replaced with steel to reduce costs. Ather might also offer the 7.0-inch ‘Deep View’ LCD, initially introduced on the 450S, on entry trims to enhance accessibility from a pricing perspective. However, a touchscreen is likely to be featured on the higher-spec Rizta.

Ather Rizta: Expected Powertra

Currently, the 450 lineup provides two battery options: the 2.9 kWh pack (in the 450S and 450X) and the 3.7 kWh pack (in the 450X only). The Ather Rizta could potentially offer both battery options (standard and long-range variants). It remains intriguing to see if the company will consider introducing an even smaller battery to further reduce the scooter’s price and enhance affordability.

Reference: Ather Rizta

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