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Google Cracks Down on Indian App Developers Over Play Store Fees

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Google take action against Indian app developers to remove app from play store

Google’s recent actions against Indian app developers have stirred up attention. Let’s delve into the details of this matter in four steps.”

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  1. Google is taking action against Indian app developers who haven’t followed the Play Store’s billing rules. This could mean their apps might be removed from the Android marketplace.
  2. Some Indian companies complained that Google charges too much for using the Play Store. The Supreme Court is looking into it, but for now, Google is moving ahead with its plans.
  3. Google has already started removing some apps, like and, from the Play Store. But developers can fix things and reapply, or they might wait for the Supreme Court’s decision.
  4. Google says most developers play by the rules, so it’s only fair to enforce them. They want everyone to follow the same standards.

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