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Meta Set to Launch New AI Language Model, Llama 3, in July

Meta Llama 3

Meta Platforms, the company behind social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, is gearing up to launch a new and improved version of its artificial intelligence language model, Llama 3. This updated model aims to provide better responses to tricky or controversial questions from users. Researchers at Meta are working to make the model more flexible so it can offer context when tackling contentious queries.

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This move comes in response to a growing need for nuanced responses, especially as users engage with increasingly complex topics online. Meta’s previous model, Llama 2, was criticized for avoiding certain types of questions deemed less controversial. However, with Llama 3, the aim is to broaden its understanding and responsiveness.

Meanwhile, Meta is also taking steps to ensure the safety and appropriateness of the model’s responses. They plan to appoint someone internally to oversee tone and safety training, indicating a commitment to improving the overall user experience and promoting responsible interaction on their platforms.

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