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Comparing Tata Punch EV and Citroen eC in Features, Specifications and Powertrain

Tata Punch EV vs Citroen 'eC3'

Tata ‘Punch EV’ and Citroen ‘eC3’ have been launched in india, and both are in close contest. So, let’s compare features, range, powertrain, safety and design among other aspects.

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Actually, the qualities of car depend on its specifications and features. Therefore, let’s begin by discussing Specifications:

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Tata Punch EV, Image from X

Comparison in Range, Speed, Battery and Motor

SpecificationsPunch EVCitroen eC3
Also, 7.2kWh wall charger.
Range315km – 421km320km
Motor78bhp – 118 bhp55bhp

In the above table, It is evident that the Punch EV is available with two battery packs – 25kWh and 35kWh. In contrast, the Citroen ‘eC3’ comes with a singl 29.2kWh battery pack.

Both cars are equipped with come with a 3.3kWh fast charger, but the Tata ev has also features a 7.5kWh wall charger.

The Punch offers two ranges- Medium (315km) and Long (421km), allowing Tata to cater to a broader consumer base. In contrast, The eC3 provides only one range of 320km.

When comparing the motors, Tata earns a higher mark. The medium-range Tata EV boasts 78bhp and a long range version has 118bhp. In comparison, the Citroen ‘eC3’ has a motor power of 55bhp.

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Citroen eC3, Image from X

Comparison with Interior Features

FeaturesPunch EVCitroen eC3
Touchscreen System10.25″10.2″
Parking BrakeElectronic—-
Charging PadWireless—–
Instrument Cluster10.25″ digitalBasic LCD

The Punch EV comes with lots of modern features, including a 10.25-inch touchscreen system, Ventilated seats, Electronic Parking brake, 360° camera view, wireless charging pad and a 10.25″ digital instrument cluster. In contrast, The Citroen ‘eC3’ is equipped with only a 10.20″ touchscreen system and a basic LCD instrument cluster.

At present, the Citroen ‘eC3’ falls short when compared to the Tata EV in term of features. The Punch EV offers a more extensive range of features than the ‘ec3’.

Let’s talk about Prices

The Punch EV offers two range options: medium and long Range, Prices are determined by features and range, with the medium range priced between Rs. 11.67 lakhs and Rs. 14.49 lakhs( on – road, Bengaluru). The top variant of the tata EV is priced at Rs.16.48 lakhs.

However, the Citroen ‘eC3’ comes with a range of Rs.12.32 lakhs to Rs.13.77 lakhs (on-road).

Tata provides a diverse range of electric cars, catering to different budgets. They offers lower-priced car for shorter ranges and higher priced option for longer ranges, appealing to a wide range of consumers. In comparison, the Citroen ‘eC3’ starts from a slightly higher price points with lower quantities available.

Reference: Citroen ‘eC3’

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