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Mahindra XUV400 2024 price: Cheaper than Nexon EV

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Mahindra xuv400

The Mahindra XUV400 2024 has revealed its prices. Additionally, Mahindra greets its customers with a big smile.The XUX400 prices has been decreased, making it now cheaper than the Nexon EV. Some new features has also been added.

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Mahindra XUV400 Prices compared to Nexon EV

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New Mahindra XUV400; Image from X

Previously, Mahindra had launched the XUV400 with two variants- ‘EC and EL’. However, It has now replaced both of these variants with ‘EC PRO and EL PRO’.The New SUV Price depends on its Variants. The 1st variant ‘XUV400 EC PRO’ is priced Rs.16.49 lakhs and the 2nd variant the ‘XUV400 EL PRO’ has a price range starting from Rs.17.74 lakhs to Rs.18.49 lakhs. ‘XUV400 ‘ also has two types depending on the battery. The capacity of battery pack for ‘XUV400 EL’ 34.5kWh is priced at Rs.17.74 lakhs and the capacity of battery pack for ‘XUV400 EL’ 39.4kWh is priced at Rs.18.49 lakhs.

When compared to the Nexon EV price, which starts from Rs.15.58 lakhs to RS. 21.14 lakh (on-road),the best variant of ‘XUV400’ is cheaper than Nexon EV by about 2.75 lakhs.

Mahindra XUV400 New features

Externally, the XUV400 remains unchanged, featuring only the addition of an EV badge at the rear.Unfotunately, company doesn’t provide LED headlamp in the front. However, notable upgrades are evident in the interior, with a fresh dual-tone design enhancing the spacious ambiance. Mahindra introduces a new 10.25-inch infotainment system, providing a contemporary touch to the cabin. Further enhancements comprise a new three-spoke steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster, mirroring elements from the XUV700.

The New XUV400: Engine and Range

The Range of the 1st variant with the battery capacity of 34kWh is a maximum of 250Km, while Range while the 39kWh battery pack comes with a 290 km range.

Both variants have 148bhp motors that generates 310Nm torque. These variants have a 7.2kWh charger that takes 06 hrs to fully charge the battery .

Reference: New Mahindra XUV400

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