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Wuling Cloud EV electric car unveiled with a range of 505 km.

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Wuling Cloud EV

The Cloud EV electric car was unveiled by a Chinese car manufacturer Wuling Motors at the Indonesia International Motors Show (IIMS) 2024 exhibition. This is a five-seater battery-based electric hatchback that boasts a range of 450 km to 505 km.

In this show, Wuling Motors exhibits a total 13 vehicles, including both electric and international combination engine (ICE) cars. Wuling Motors also showcases gasoline-based cars with the flagship models like Almaz RS and Alvez.

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Wuling Motors has a wide range of cars. Some Wuling electric cars, such as the Wuling Air EV and Binguo EV, are available in Indonesian market, excluding the newly launched Cloud EV.

However, the price and details have not been disclosed but company is very focused on increasing electric vehicles presence in the Indonesian market. Company has also expressed gratitude to its consumers for making it the number one electric brand in Indonesia.

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