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Ola S1X launched with 4 kWh battery and 190 Km Range.

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Ola S1X electric scooter

Ola S1X a new electric scooter launched in india. It is a good news for all electric scooter buyers, specially Ola scooter enthusiasts l, as public affection is making Ola industry top 2-wheeler electric scooter seller in india.

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Ola S1X electric scooter, Image from X

Here, Ola again gave a big reward to its consumers by launching a high-range electric scooter with long term battery warranty.

Ola S1X Highlights

  • It is equipped with a robust 04 kwh lithium-ion and a powerful 6kW motor.
  • It can travel 190 km on a single charge at a top speed of 90 kmph.
  • It features a10.9 cm segmented display providing real-time information about battery conditions, Range, Speed, Weather and more.
  • It comes with a starting price at Rs. 1,09,999/ or, an EMI option of Rs. 2499 (as claimed by company )

Ola S1X e-Scooter boasts a range of 190 km with a 4kWh powerful battery and 6 kW Motor. It comes with an 08-years battery warranty or 80,000 km which comes first, addressing public concerns about battery backup.

The Company claimed that no any extra charges would apply for extended battery warranty and backup. The Ola also highlighted coming different battery pack like 2 kWh, 3 kWh and 4 kWh with S1X electric scooter. It is help to fulfill

The S1X is available for sale at Rs. 1,09,999 (ex-showroom) but Its delivery will commence nearly April 2024.

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