World's first solar powered electronic vehicle may launch till the end of 2024.

Aptera Motors is very conscious and focused on creating the first solar-powered vehicle.

The company is keen on launching it by the end of this year.

The demand for this spacious car is so high.

According to Aptera, about 46,000 orders have come for it.

t is totaly innovative and sustainable .

There is no need to plug in. It automatically charges from the sun.

In a single charge, Aptera's solar vehicle can travel up to 1000 miles.

The company provides this futuristic EV with a design resembling a spacejet or a dolphin's belly.

Company has emphasized to make it lighter, stronger and safer.

The EV's lightweight, aerodynamic design enables it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

According to Aptera, each owner of the solar ev will be able to reduce 14000 pounds co2 in a year.

It is available in three variants. The base variant starts at $29,300 and offers a battery range of 250 miles.

And the top variant is available for $48,000 with a battery range of 1000 miles.