Which one is better either 'Punch EV' or 'Citroen eC3'

Most of things things depend on powertrain and specifications.

Let's explore Powertrain, Range and Speed of eachother.

Tata Punch EV comes with '78bhp or 118bhp' motors

In comparison, the Citroen 'eC3' has only 55bhp motor

Punch ev claimed 140kmph speed however, the eC3 claimed 107kmph.

Tata Punch EV has 25kWh or 35kWh battery pack.

It claimed ranges are 315km or 421km

While, eC3 has only 29.2kWh battery, Claimed range: 320km.

Tata wins in comparison with range, speed and Powertrain.

Now, Let's talk about Interior

The Punch EV has 'ventilated seats' 10.25" touchscreen system.

An electronic parking brake, 360° camera, wireless charging pad

And a 10.25" digital instrument cluster, Punch EV has.

While, eC3 has only a 10.2" infotainment basic LCD instrument cluster.

Here, Tata Punch EV again wins battle, one sided.

Now, Let's talk about prices

Tata Punch EV starts from Rs.11.67 lakhs to Rs.16.48 lakhs.

While, Citroen 'eC3' starts from Rs. 12.32 lakhs to Rs. 13.77 lakhs

Now, what you think about? Which one is better !