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Global Telco AI Alliance launched to optimize LLMs

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The Global Telco AI Alliance has been launched by a group of five telco companies: E & Group, Singtel, Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom and Softbank at MWC Barcelona 2024.

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The alliance was formed to develop Large Language Models to fullfil the various needs of telecommunication companies, such as quickly reaching their customers, improving their business processes, enhancing user-friendliness and creating chat boat to provide prompt customers assistant.

Key points of the Global Telco AI Alliance

  • Creating a Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve customer interaction through Chat boat or digital assistants.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of telecommunication companies and fullfiling their needs.
  • Creating a language-based platform that Excel in leading languages such as English, korean, Japanese, Arabic and German, with plans to incorporate additional languages based on founder members’ suggestions.
  • The partners also noted that telco-specific LLMs are more tailored to understand market dynamics and user behavior compared to General-purpose LLMs.
  • The alliance is also prepared to deploy innovative AI applications to facilitate the work of its members in an easier and more efficient manner, enabling them to quickly reach global customers spanning approximate 1.3 billion across 50 countries.


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